• Health and training in ballroom dancing

    Everybody knows that sport is beneficial to the body and health. During the occupation of the active species spot improves health, increases overall body tone, strengthens the cardio vascular system, develop muscle. The same can be said about ballroom dancer tantsy. Horoshy must have excellent health and many sporting qualities: endurance compare list found, with Ima distance runner, the coordination of acrobats and gymnasts, the concentration of inherent arrows and t.d. Otlichitelnoy feature ballroom dancing from other sports, is the absence of contraindications for health at the initial stage of training, which makes ballroom dancing mass sport in which you can keep all the children. But as soon as the dancer becomes the athlete begins to raise his class dancing and perform at major competitions in ballroom dancing, then immediately faced with the reverse side of any sport. High load during training and competitions in ballroom dancing entail a threat to your health or the health of your children. May receive various injuries and damage, such as bruises, sprains, strains, fractures, and ligament tears, strain the joints and vertebrae, as well as other zabolevaniya. Dlya that if not avoided, reduce the risk of injury to a minimum during the training and competitions for ballroom dancing, you or your children should follow certain rules.

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